Senior Software Developer C++ (f/m/d)

Senior Software Developer C++ (f/m/d)

Contact: Ute Schulte page.contact_email

At Ducktrain you have the chance to join the development of future transportation solutions and take a leading role in shaping a solid foundation for the on-board computer systems of the Ducktrain product family. Together with a dedicated team, you apply bleeding-edge technology, delivering outstanding products within a modern development environment.

Essential job functions

  • As a senior software engineer, you will lead the development of all on-board systems (Linux OS, embedded, RTOS) in a modern development environment using bleeding-edge toolchains and an agile development approach.
  • You take the responsibility for the system architecture of the on-board systems
  • You accompany the investigation of the applicability of modern autonomous drive approaches to our product family
  • You ensure a high code quality level through the education of the team, the application of code reviews, coding guidelines, and automated code evaluation.
  • You propose solutions for the most important core components.
  • You follow the latest developments in the software development community and introduce useful programming technologies on a regular basis.
  • You derive system requirements from user requirements and communicate them to the team.
  • You take care of the system documentation.
  • You support the certification process.

Your skillset

First of all, you have outstanding communication skills and you aim at perfection to reach our goal to bring reliable, outstanding systems to the road. Other than that, we’d really like it if you bring us the following:

  • At least 10 years of programming experience in Modern C++
  • Experience with Template Metaprogramming and Functional Programming Paradigms
  • You follow the latest developments in the standardization process of C++-17 and C++-20
  • The Boost library, STL et al. are best friends
  • You have an affinity to Clean Code
  • You have profound knowledge about Linux and the command line
  • You can handle numerical algorithms
  • You have experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Development systems (e.g. Travis CI, CircleCI, Jenkins or GitLab CI/CD)
  • You use Git on a regular basis
  • Knowledge in the following fields is of great advantage
    • autonomous drive
    • robotic systems
    • control theory
    • machine learning
    • computer game development
    • vehicle dynamics
    • mechanical or electrical engineering
    • functional safety
  • You need excellent English communication skills


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About Ducktrain

Imagine that Future Mobility would not only mean the electrification of vehicles, but that something with impact and change will happen on our roads and in our cities. Imagine inner cities where the streets are not blocked by parked delivery vehicles, so that the streets can be used for what they were built for: driving. We at Ducktrain believe it is worth thinking about such a future! With Ducktrain, we have developed an all-electric, automated logistics technology, that will be the enabler to bring multiple logistic use-cases to a new level of efficiency. Like: City logistics targeting the 100ds million of parcels delivered worldwide each day or intra-extra logistics on factory grounds. After successfully finishing internal feasibility prototype tests in 2018 we are currently working on our first road certified Ducktrain, which will be tested in 2019/2020 with several partners from the logistic industry on public road in Europe.

You will be working with

  • Kai Kreisköther

    Dr. Kai D. Kreisköther

    Chief Executive Officer

    Kai is an entrepreneur from heart. After working 8 years in research and development of electric and automated vehicles and finishing his PhD, he co-founded Ducktrain in 2018. Ask Kai for his No1 sailing rule, and he will answer you “more wind is better”.
  • Markus Werle

    Markus Werle

    Chief Technology Officer

    Markus is an aeronautical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in software development. After more than a decade in automotive industry he joined Ducktrain as a co-founder. No matter how desperate a situation might look like, Markus will never give up.
  • Fabian Kober

    Fabian Kober

    Chief Operations Officer

    Fabian is dedicated to optimizing logistics processes. During his studies he worked in production logistics and did research in automation and optimization models for material flow processes. When Fabian is not in the office he spends time in nature with hiking, running or biking.