They follow you.
And each other.

To become even more efficient, up to 5 Ducks can be connected into a platoon. This allows them to transport as much as a conventional van with one driver.

By using advanced sensor technology, which is also used in autonomous driving, the Ducks automatically recognise their environment and follow their leading object. This can be anything: a person, a small vehicle or even up to 5 Ducks.


Core features

Follow-me technology

Our unique Follow-me technology enables our Ducks to recognise their environment and follow any leading object.

The Follow-me Duck follows the delivery persons onto the sidewalk, where they deliver their parcels. Due to the significantly shorter distances to the vehicle, the delivery process becomes extremely efficient compared to conventional delivery.

Safe delivery? We make it look easy.

Our unique spring-damper system protects the load in case of damaged roads and enables smooth travel.

The swappable transport box has 360° accessibility so that the delivery worker can reach the goods at any time.


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