A delivery with Ducktrain

Mid Mile

City supply

Ducktrain can drive with driver or driverless between the final logistic hub and the final delivery district.

To gain road efficiency it can drive in platoons. But it is also able to split and drive as single Duck for the final segment.

Last Mile

Optimize routing & fleet distribution

With the help of AI, the route is automatically calculated and optimised.

A Ducktrain can split up at any time and drive to a delivery person when they are ready to deliver more parcels.

Last Mile

Door delivery

Even in 10 and 20 years, delivery of goods will require human involvement in many use-cases.

Thinking about food/grocery delivery with big and heavy boxes, customers will require a delivery at the doorstep.

Last Mile

Automated locker box

Once arrived in the city district, Ducks loaded with automated locker boxes will be placed on neuralgic nodes offering convenient self service for the customers.

After several hours it will drive back to the logistic hub to get refilled.


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