We create automated light electric
4-wheel vehicles for logistics.
These vehicles follow pedestrians,
bicycles and other vehicles
without physical connection.

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What Ducktrain is all about

A short introductory video (in German) made for you!

Our Vision

Multiple vehicles (we call them ducks) can form a train for efficient transportation on longer distances within cities and industry areas. Ducktrain provides vehicle platforms and automation technology that will change urban and industrial logistics.

Our Prototype

Metal sheet laser cutting and bending yield low production costs. We created our first prototype based on these technologies. The aluminium chassis is assembled using rivets. Our state-of-theart suspension system design allows transposition maneuvers around sharp corners.

Current Front View

Our workshop did an incredible job and implemented Fabian Böttcher's design. We are very excited to see our dreams finally come true

Current Back View

The rear part is designed to provide maximum space for all your goods. Our unique vehicle is a convenient solution for urban logistics and gives you plenty of opportunities.

Industrial Environments Indoor and Outdoor

Ducktrain turns into a full-featured AGV system in an industrial context

Technology from Autonomous Drive

Ducktrain provides a user experience that carries weight (pun intended)

Ducktrain - a flexible platform

All you need is imagination.

A solution even for corner cases

Inner cities come with many challenges for transportation, especially in pedestrian zones. You don't worry.

The Team behind Ducktrain

Our incredible team is proud to be part of this awesome venture.

  • Kai Kreisköther

    Dr. Kai D. Kreisköther

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Markus Werle

    Markus Werle

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Fabian Kober

    Fabian Kober

    Chief Operations Officer

The journey continues

We are in the middle of something great. Stay tuned.