Urban Transportation. Reimagined.

Imagine living in a city where the streets are not filled by bulky delivery trucks polluting the air, but small and smart vehicles in a row.

We have developed DUCKTRAIN as the modern solution for urban logistics with zero emissions to make your business even more efficient and green.


Our core features

We developed Ducktrain: A smart, electric and automated logistics vehicle system made for the urban and industrial last mile. Combining up to 5 single Ducks virtually into a platoon allows you to transport the equivalent payload of a conventional delivery truck.


Our use cases

There are numerous applications for a Ducktrain to improve your workflow. Learn which setup of Ducktrain meets your needs.

Parcel delivery

Ducktrain aims to replace bulky parcel delivery trucks in urban areas and has the perfect fit for inner city alleys. We are with you: from the distribution centre to the doorstep.

Best in class load volume with 2m³ per Duck and 10m³ per Ducktrain with a fixed or exchangeable container and 360° accessibility.

Food delivery

No more damaged groceries! Your goods are safe and sound, because of the special spring-damper system integrated in our Ducks. The exchangeable shelving system for standardised boxes offers 360° accessibility for a more comfortable loading and unloading.


You need to move heavy products from or into the city? We got you: A single Duck carries up to 300 kg payload, a whole Ducktrain 1.5 tons.

Flexible use of individual setups: fixed or exchangeable container. The lowerable rear axle enables you to easily load and unload the containers or pallets without any other tools.


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Dr. Kai Kreisköther

Dr. Kai Kreisköther

Whether you have any questions about features, pricing, trials or anything else, Kai is ready to answer any questions for you. Just schedule a quick call with him.